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Creating one culture that embraces all of our differences

By Chantale JimenezCSMS Magazine Staff writerDiversity is one of the best things that could happen to a society. However, it can only work if and only if it is made to benefit the ethnically diverse population that lives it. Often, one hears about how magnificent it is to have “such culturally diverse population.” Statement like this is extremely useful in academic settings or in multicultural forums. The facts on the ground usually picture a totally different story, however. Politically correct statements will not work unless the deeds are there to back them up. So I propose the creation of a new culture to deal with differences—female differences, that is. My ideal culture would be called the Ameri-Woman. I strongly believe women are the backbone of life. We give life and, in many cases, instill values, beliefs and develop the attitudes of our children. In my culture, women would have the same equality that is offered to men. Gender, age, ethnicity and beliefs would have no bearing on achievements in life. My culture would be considered carefree. The dominant force would be the family.In my culture, the values on dressing would be contemporary and moderate. There is no need to expose one’s body to the world. Your body is your temple that should be enjoyed by you and your mate, should you chose. In the Ameri-Woman culture, there would be a firm stand on being contemporary. However, others will not be turned away for being different. I feel that after being part of the culture, the individual would have the desire to conform to the values.The roles of the Ameri-Woman culture would be determined by the ability to proudly display the new traditions. Gender has no significance in politics, religion or the home. This culture would allow a woman to govern the nation. Women would also have equality in the home. There is no head of household. A home is managed by two equal partners. These partners would develop the perfect nuclear family structure that would be enforced in this culture. With that in mind, children would learn how to develop relationships, the importance of support, problem solving and how to love throughout the differences. Ameri-Woman Culture would value the Elderly. Our children would show the utmost respect towards them. Our elderly are looked upon as our educators, historians that tell the stories of our culture. In the Ameri-Woman culture, food preferences would be “natural” foods. We would take pride in eating foods from the ocean or animals raised on a farm without steroids, additives and preservatives. Most of our foods would be locally grown. Fresh fruits and veggies will be loved by most. My culture would find fast food restaurants to be extremely detrimental to one’s health; therefore, it should be forbidden. Our bodies are our temples. The temple must be pure. That means our body should be pure and not filled with garbage. This is how most of the people in the culture would be able to remain in good health. There is so much more to learn about my proposed culture. I hope this could be a reality some day. Perhaps, some day, you could take a trip and spend some time here with us to get a first hand experience on a day in the life of the Ameri-Woman Culture.

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