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Chlorine in Water and Breast Cancer

CSMS Magazine

Chlorinated drinking water has been found to contain chemicals called trihalomethanes (THMs) which are carcinogenic. Interestingly, the water which was tested did not contain THMS before it was chlorinated. One type of chlorine, organochlorine, found in pesticides and insecticides, has been strongly linked to breast cancer because it acts like estrogen in human body, and increased estrogen is one of the only known risks for breast cancer. Is it possible to eliminate the chlorine from diet when it’s in all the water around? Yes, but you can’t stop there.

Even the chlorine in your shower water can migrate through your skin and affect your health. A good chlorine removing shower filter is something that’s a must for every household. These are simple and relatively inexpensive ways of reducing the negative effects of chlorine. The reason chlorine is added to city water systems is to reduce the spread of infectious diseases which can be transported through water.

Source: The Giant Book of Women’s health secret by Kerri Bodmer and Nan Katheryn  (Page 165)

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