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Author Sreedhar Bevara is my guest this week in “The Conversation”

Ardain Isma

CSMS Magazine

This week in The Conversation, my guest is prolific writer, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur Sreedhar Bevara. He is the author of The Roaring Lambs—a book that teaches “the essential hacks on how to survive in the time of peril.” The intriguing title takes you in the metaphorical world of the jungle where “the fittest is the ultimate truth.”

How does the weaker survive in a jungle without a leader to lookup to or to follow? This is the pertinent question the author essentially asks the reader. In this type of environment, if we understand that the weaker is vulnerable and can easily fall prey to the stronger “in what is considered the natural food chain,” wisdom and cleverness must be the dynamics that underpin the struggle for success.

The Roaring Lambs not only raises some relevant questions, but also provides some great answers on how to ride the tailwinds of success. It teaches us how leaders emerge through the extremes, how greatness is usually stemmed out of fearlessness, and how bravery knows no bounds.

The Roaring Lambs was shortlisted to top five books among thousands. This book is full of strategies any reader can use in this treacherous road to Bliss Land. Sreedhar Bevara speaks with meticulous utterances—an author with deeply rooted conviction. It was a pleasure to speak with him.

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