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Blondedy Ferdinand feeling besieged

By Christine Jean-Pierre

CSMS Magazine

The actress who became famous in the comedy drama “I love you Anne” is said to be feeling under-sieged by people “jealous of my fame.” In a message posted to her FB friends, Blondedy claims that someone has been using her fake identity to coax weak minded internet users into liking another FB page.  She says all this is a hoax fomented by her detractors. Here is what she says in Creole: “gin yon moun ki kreye fo paj kap joure moun li di se mwen minm ,please si moun sa ta ekriw disregard mesaj la paske se pa mwen pa okipe moun nan.” Translation: Someone has created a fake [FB] page to insult others and claimed it to be me. Please, if you ever receive a message from that person, disregard it because it’s not me.

Blondedy Ferdinand, who likes to brag about her “God-given beauty” is resorting to God for protection. The actress, who has not been seen on the big screen for some time, is said to be planning a huge comeback despite her “detractors.”

Here is what she posted on her page today. This time, it’s in English: “O happy [day!] We are up and we shine (and bright) like a diamond in the name of The Lord…….. Despite all the hates, all the negativities, all the lies, we are here, all of us. [That] is a way of telling us he has better [plans] for us. God did grant us today and we should be grateful.”  

CSMS Magazine New York correspondent, Jeannine Ribault, whom we spoke by phone this afternoon, told us that the actress is reportedly to be notoriously famous in displaying schizophrenic behavior, forcing her friends to live on the brink, thereby helping to soar up her popularity.

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