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Bernie Sanders exposes the raw nature of bourgeois democracy

bernaCSMS Magazine Staff Writers

At first, they tried to silence Bernie Sanders by portraying him as a fringe candidate for president of The United States. It didn’t work. If anything, it backfired. Then, they called him an insurgent candidate, forcing his way into mainstream politics. Still, the unspoken consensus failed. Four months ago, you could go for hours watching pundits trivializing on the TV screen without a single reference made about the Vermont senator. When his name came up, it was always an afterthought.   

Things have changed, now. Since then, Bernie Sanders went on to be on the cover of Time Magazine, in most major talk shows—radio and TV—and emerging as the undisputed darling of the social media. As he blazes the trail from coast to coast, he carries one political agenda: reshaping politics in America. According to Bernie, establishment politics is a death sentence to American democracy.

In many ways, Bernie Sanders is setting up the agenda, forcing Hillary Clinton to adjust her political discourse and to even admit she is a progressive—“who likes to get things done,” which seems to suggest Bernie Sanders is none other than then a passionate, tell-it-all politico with no experience in government.

She will get things done, of course, for her backers from Wall Street to whom she is totally beholden. Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, is a man on a mission to increase the minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour, to introduce free college tuitions, to uproot institutional racism, to reshape America’s foreign policy—especially towards weaker and most vulnerable nations—to secure universal health care for all Americans, and to strengthen the country’s crumbling infrastructure.

With such daringly novel advocacy, can one still doubt a Bernie’s win? You bet! In western democracies, popular participation has always been nothing but window dressing, a political scheme which in no way threatens the power of neither the nouveaux riches nor those in the well-established echelon.

The two-party system of The United States is in ESSENCE—and I stress on the word “essence”—an entity designed to uphold the interests of the few Americans who control so much and who will never agree to relinquish power and wealth without a fight.

Again, can Bernie win? For Bernie to win, there must be two scenarios: Vote and mobilize. Proactive mobilization against the corporate media will definitely put them on a constant defensive posture. Active militancy is needed, not just between now and on Election Day, but also beyond, because a victory on Election Day will mark just the beginning of a political revolution bent on restoring the financial stability of the middle class as well as the working poor. So, stay with Bernie and be a part of his political revolution.

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