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Bernie Sanders: The clear winner of the Democratic debate last night!

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Without question, the Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders was the undisputed winner in Las Vegas last night during the first Democratic debate. This is according to most objective commentators, including some in the mainstream media. The Washington Post agrees to this assertion. The Post notes if the main aim of the Democrats last night was to “get noticed”, Bernie Sanders would not be disappointed. He was the most widely searched on the Google search engine while the debate was going on.  “Sanders repeatedly saw spikes in Google interest after he spoke. After his intro. After he talked about guns. After basically everything else he said.” Here is the link to see for yourself.” Read this:  Washing Post .

The Chicago Tribune comes with the same conclusion. “Bernie Sanders demonstrated time and again Tuesday night why he’s the force vector in this race. If you watched, you now know why he attracts the huge crowds, the money, the energy of rank-and-file Democrats — a party to which he doesn’t even belong.”

CSMS Magazine totally agrees with the Tribune. Bernie Sanders has come to salvage the image of the Democratic Party at a time when the supposedly party’s favorite—Madame Secretary—is mired in all kinds of anti-social issues.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) in a complicity with the Wall Street financiers and the conglomerate media they control have been trying to silence Bernie from the start. Until last night, they spoke of Bernie only when they had to, and it was always to shed doubt on the Vermont’s senator’s electability. In a shrewd political maneuvering, the DNC leadership has gone out of its way to silence all dissent within its rank, including to keep Tulsi Gabbard (DNC vice chair) firmly at bay because she disagrees with the rest of the committee in limiting the debates solely to just 6.

They tremble in fear when Bernie speaks of “democratic revolution”…led by a “democratic socialist” who vehemently opposes to Republican obstructionism, the wholesale “Casino-style” capitalism, and the complete hijacking or subjugating of the democratic process in a land where “so few have so many while so many have so little.”

Hilary Clinton stood there with muted lips when Bernie attacked the super pack scheme empowered by the Citizen United Supreme Court ruling which allows gurus like the Koch brothers to finance political campaigns of whom they like. For this cycle alone, the brothers have announced that they will spend $300 million dollars of their own money to sway election outcomes their way. Bernie was soulfully right when he reminded Hillary last night that Congress does not control Wall Street. It’s the other way around.

Bernie Sanders was firm, authentic and eloquent. As The Chicago Tribune notes this morning, “Sanders, though, had a better night. Much as Republican debates showcased Donald Trump, this debate showcased Sanders’ authenticity. The notion of anyone asking if he would change positions to win votes is preposterous.”

The Tribune goes on to say that “Sanders is the reason Democrats have a serious primary race. And he came across Tuesday night as a candidate who believes what he believes and won’t waffle. He voiced positions that will give some Democrats pause………… Clinton, meanwhile, answered a challenge to her Senate vote for war in Iraq not with a defense or an apology, but by invoking President Barack Obama: Even after that vote, he chose her as secretary of state. Sorry, but it sounded lame.” The Chicago Tribune

Still many folks, especially in pundits’ hinterlands, continue to say that Bernie Sanders doesn’t resonate with African-Americans and other minority communities. It’s insulting; as if only “educated white folks” can understand Sanders’ “complicated” message of democratic socialism.

Last night, Bernie Sanders took his message to the highest plateau, and he delivered!

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  1. It is easy to be brave from a distance. In the first debate Mrs. Clinton didn’t stay home, she was there. It was life or death for the other candidates. Clinton was the clear winner.

  2. RaymondPrimrose
    That’s your opinion, but this is in no way reflecting the views of millions of Americans who do not believe in Casino Capitalism, institutional racism, subjugation of other nations like the Clintons did to Haiti, trickle down economics and establishment politics….. Politics is not a soccer game.

  3. I’m not sure I understand what you mean by “It is easy to brave from a distance.” Can you please clarify your statement? You seem confused. Do your homework before you start writing down your thought….Bernie Sanders is the advocate for the poor. He is genuine and passionate about his ideas. He couldn’t be clearer than that. Hillary represents politics as usual. She is the face of a time most average Americans want to forget. If you’re part of the top 1 percent and selfish, it’s your right to think Hillary was the clear winner…..

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