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She’s thrilled!

Gyna Jean-Pierre

dataCSMS Magazine

She’s long been waiting for this message. Here it comes, unexpectedly. Her heart now moves in rapid pulsations. She’s new in the game of courtship. Understandably, she is thrilled. Her face aglow, and she’s reading it with unforeseen appetite. Her big smile widens the bliss on her oval, milky-coffee visage. After years of suffering from “lovinjitis,” she met him at the crossroads of her life. It’s been 8 months. He told her that he was interested, and he promised to later send an e-mail, confirming his sentimental overture. This has “later” turned to days, weeks and months.

During this interval, she felt like a prisoner on death row. On death row? No, that’s too harsh. She felt more like a child in the hunt for sweets from the candy store. Every notification from her phone sent her heart to crimson delight—only for a nanosecond. Then her expectation soon dropped to its nadir when the elusive message didn’t materialize. Today is her day! The long awaiting message has finally arrived and, with it, the key that unhinges her pristine heart now intertwined with and mired in his yet-to-be-proven love offering. For now, she’s savoring this dazzling moment. Amour provisoire sans fin? (Infinite temporary love?) Who is she? Louisinette?

Note: Gyna Jean-Pierre lives and works in Ponte Vedra, Florida. She may be reached at publisher@csmsmagazine.org

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