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Author Loni Hoots speaks with Ardain Isma in “The Conversation”

Christine Jean-Pierre

CSMS Magazine

Last Friday, author Loni Hoots was Ardain’s guest in “The Conversation.” She spoke about her literary works, especially her critically acclaimed fantasy novel titled “The Secret of Edenfield.” In her own right, Loni Hoots is a prolific writer, the author of twelve books, including a children’s book series and two novellas. Also, an acclaimed poet, Loni has published six poetry collections, as she told Ardain. To do all these and still being competitive, it takes a lot of discipline.  Loni herself conceded such reality.

Writing is her passion, and when one is passionate about something, anything he/she wants can be accomplished. Loni agreed with Ardain that a poet writes from the soul. “If you think about it, every moment, every event you’ve ever gone through in life, you experience certain emotions that are attached to those.” She goes on to say that whether sad or happy, these moments will always live within you.

You can watch the video below.

To learn more about writer Loni Hoots, you can follow her on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AuthorLoniHoots

Also, you can visit her website: https://www.lonihoots.com/

Also, to purchase Ardain’s new novel, click here: Bittersweet Memories of Last Spring

Also, to order Ardain’s books, click http://ardainisma.com/books/  You can also follow on http://ardainisma.com  or https://csmsmagazine.org

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