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Senator Chuck Schumer rejects Kevin McCarthy’s threat of government shutdown

Jacob Davis

CSMS Magazine

Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer rejects House majority leader Kevin McCarthy’s threat to shut down the government if an agreement is not reached. Schumer first went on the attack, blasting House Republicans for granting airtime to conservative members who hope to replace income taxes with a national sales tax. The New York senator accused McCarthy of playing politics in insisting on cutting spending—an old Republican line—in exchange for agreeing to raise the debt ceiling.

In 2017, senator Schumer helped leverage debt ceiling and spending deadlines when he and Nancy Pelosi reached a deal with then President Donald Trump. It was something that angered a lot of Republicans. More than 5 years later, and as the 2024 election cycle is poised to takeoff, Chuck has some words of wisdom for the Republicans. “No hostage-taking, no brinkmanship. Pass the debt ceiling.”

Schumer went on to say in an interview that “The plan is to get our Republican colleagues in the House to understand they’re flirting with disaster and hurting the American people. And to let the American people understand that as well. And I think we’ll win.”

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