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Ardine Isma speaks to his father Ardain on race and on Haiti

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Donald Trump’s racist comments last week regarding Haiti have sparked a major debate among Haitian-Americans who feel their dignity have been under attack. Many of them are still trying to make sense of it all. Although they were born and raised here in America, they still carry in their hearts and minds their Haitianism—the source of their pride, their dignity, and multiculturalism that have long made the United States a wonderful place to live. As Trump is increasingly showing that he is not the president of all Americans, but only the headmaster of European-Americans, understandably, many of these young folks feel they are moving to the unknown, to an uncertain future. It is the reason why Ardine, who is a contributor to CSMS Magazine , decided to have a chat with his father Ardain Isma. Watch the video below.

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