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Homeschooling: a new debate

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A new debate has emerged ever since the couple in California was arrested on child abuse charges after they were found to have been mistreating their homeschooled children. Many education advocates have turned up the pressure on Sates’ authorities to take a closer look at the rationale behind homeschooling. There are two things one needs to consider: curriculum and child protection. Education is not a privilege. It’s a right; and denying or neglecting that right can produce irreparable damage to a child’s future. Being in a school setting does two things: enhancing educational skills and social skills. Obviously, no parent can shelter his children forever.

Every human being needs some survival skills—a vital element necessary in cognitive development. Currently, there are laws that regulate homeschooling, but they vary from State to State. Here in Florida, there are some requirements, but Florida lacks some crucial ones, too. For instance, while the State requires parents to maintain students’ records, homework and test scores, it requires no minimum instruction time, no parent/instructor qualifications. For a complete view of what your sate offers click here: International Center for Home Education Research

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