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Ardain Isma’s new novel “Bittersweet Memories of Last Spring” critically acclaimed!

Jacob Davis

CSMS Magazine

Ardain Isma’s new novel Bittersweet Memories of Last Spring has been critically acclaimed in the media. Magazines, newspapers, intellectuals, all are saying the novel is a good read. This phenomenon proves an interesting reality. In literature, a story, if well-done within the framework of creating writing, can in fact resonate, regardless of the theme or who the characters are. This has also reinforced Ardain’s conviction regarding the power of immigrant fiction. This impressive fact has even emboldened his desire to pursue a literary journey under the trademark of an immigrant fiction writer.

I have to say Ardain is not the only writer who dwells in this incredible literary genre. Writers like Russian-American Mark Budman, Nigerian Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Dominican-American Junot Diaz and others have all given their marks in this growing reality.

Most, not all, immigrant stories usually carry the weight of social justice. It is sometimes dubbed as a literature of resistance, knowing those who seek refuge elsewhere in search of a better life never truly relinquish their deeply rooted love and patriotism for the old country.

The Stroll Magazine and Jacksonville Free Press are among the publications that have discovered Ardain’s talent. Intellectuals like Rashmi Bora Das and Alice Liddell have written impressive reviews, acknowledging Ardain’s talent. A good number of reviews on Amazon have also confirmed this assertion.

Many readers, however, have stressed the emphasis on the “romance” aspect of the story and its Caribbean flavor. No doubt, the story is crafted with a lot of that. It is nonetheless a Haitian immigrant story and one in which readers of immigrant background and folks who believe in social justice will undoubtedly appreciate.

Note: Jacob Davis is editor-at-large of CSMS Magazine.

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