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A Conversation with award-winning author Jaymee Veney

Ardain Isma

CSMS Magazine

Two weeks ago, it had the privilege to welcome author Jaymee Veney to The Conversation. She is the author of Coming of Age… Whatever that Means, a collection of short stories in which one can see the reflection of her own struggle with anxiety and depression. Drawn from her own experiences, she has become an advocate and a healer for those who are going through the same struggle she has been through. So, besides being an author, “Jaymee is a wellness coach, an athlete, and a teacher,” she said when I asked her to present herself to the audience. She went to say that “my whole career has been motivated by a desire to help others.” To do this, she has used different platforms, like the classroom, her writing, and her coaching sessions.

Throughout our conversation, I saw a young woman with a deeply rooted conviction to help others. She is well empowered to do so. She is a psychologist, and her academic background has been key in her drive to help people make changes in their lives. “The idea here is to show that healing is obtainable….an action that’s subjective to you,” one can read on Jaymee’s author’s website. Jaymee has several literary projects, and she plans on releasing her next book in the not-too-distant future. To learn more about Jaymee and her writings, you can visit her website.

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