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Happy-Valentines-Day-Quotes-For-Him1I was fine, until you started to look at me

Your light brownish eyes buried behind long eyelashes

Tells a story that I dare not decipher

Too afraid to discover the unknown

You look at me as if I were something precious and rare

Your easy smile shows clearly much more

I look at you, and my heart surges and pulsates

While my legs quiver and jam

Days ago, I was worried free

Now, I am a walking mess

You’re tightlipped—a weird, peculiar speechlessness  

 That’s my biggest problem

For if you weren’t so quiet and muted   

Your demeanor would be wide open for me to vet

But here you are, relaxed as a cucumber

Charmer than ever

Cuter than I don’t know

For your beauty knows no bound

A fool I was to think I long buried my emotions for you

A fool, a fool and a fool!

My emotions ran wild, blurring my mind

I am unable to think straight

Headache is now my last and only excuse

That’s how deep I’m hooked on you

It’s probably what you wanted from the beginning

For you to have it all—my mind, body and soul

Even my heart

Can’t say you’ve failed

For no matter how much I fight it

My heart wants what it wants, longing for your love

I lost the fight, bittersweet surrender!

No matter how much I try

It’s you that I want

It’s you that I feel

And I know you feel the same

You may hide it, but your eyes don’t lie

But, tell me.  

What’s more do you want?

And how long will it be

Till you call me yours?


NoteClaire Bijou is poet and essayist. She lives and works in suburban Port-au-Prince. You can read part of her collection by going to our section: Poetry and Literature  Like us on Facebook : www.facebook.com/csmsmagazine

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