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Modern-day lynching in the Dominican Republic

Henry-Tulile-Jean-Claude-lynched-Santiago-public-square-0215CSMS Magazine

Life for Haitians in the Dominican Republic has been described as hellish as best. There has been a wave of violence against people of Haitian ancestry and Haitian migrants. Not long ago, we reported on the precarious situation in which live more than 200, 000 human beings trapped and made victims of racist policies engineered by the Dominican upper class. A couple of weeks ago, the campaign to eradicate Haitians in the DR reached an unbelievable pitch with the lynching of a 22-year old gentleman named Henry-Claude who worked as a shoeshine boys near a public park in Santiago De Los Caballeros, the second largest city in that Caribbean country.

While the world is enraged by what many are now calling a new Jim Crow era in the Dominican Republic, the so-called institutionalized Human Rights organizations like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch and others have been offering only lip service. Meanwhile, the puppet regime in Port-au-Prince looks the other way. They’re too busy pillaging the meager State resources to find the time necessary to do what is right for the destiny of a Haiti and its people.    

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