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WYclef Jean, Akon and Jimmy Rosemond head for Haiti on December 15th

CSMS Magazine Staff WritersWyclef-Jean, Jimmy Rosemond, and Akon will travel to Haiti on December 15th for a charitable mission engineered by Mr. Rosemond and Wyclef Jean, the media reported on Monday. The trio of music heavyweights will touch the land of Dessalines on a tour called Yele Fest to tour local schools and the notorious child prison in Port-au-Prince “to shed light on the current plight in Haiti of increasing poverty, weakened education, medical care, nutrition and housing.”      Yele Fest was organized to bring musical artists to Haiti to help promote tourism and convey the message that the country is safe and the doors are open for people to experience the music and art of Haitian culture. “Two great artists on one stage in a small island like Haiti will show the world that the country is on course to rebuild its stature in the Caribbean,” said Jimmy Rosemond, head of Czar Entertainment and one of the forces behind the festival. “But most of all history is being made by Wyclef becoming the first rapper to be an official ambassador for Haiti, and that, in itself, is a reason for celebration.”       The idea was derived when Wyclef, Jimmy Rosemond, and Akon came together and discussed how they could give back to their respective countries.      An agreement was reached that Akon would travel to Haiti where Mr. Rosemond and Wyclef Jean are from, in turn for Wyclef to go to Senegal to perform for a major benefit that Akon and the government of West Africa are giving in 2008.      According to UPI (United press International), Mr. Rosemond will personally donate 5000 polo style. “I will use all of my influence and power to fulfill my role as Ambassador to Haiti and along with Jimmy Rosemond and Akon, we hope that our goodwill efforts will touch the world and inspire charitable giving,” said Wyclef Jean.       “I have always been involved in the upliftment of my people and Haitians and Africans are one,” confirmed Akon, one of the hottest artists in the U.S.           Rosemond and Wyclef have done it before. Both of them are of Haitian origin and a few years ago they traveled to Cité Soleil, one of the poorest sections of Port-au-Prince, Haiti , for a mission to bring exposure to the political and economic plight of the Haitian people. And just last year, Mr. Rosemond traveled to Jamaica as part of a humanitarian mission with Upliftment Jamaica and he has worked with Rev. Al Sharpton on various “stop the violence” efforts as part of his commitment to inspiring other music industry leaders to join forces and do the same.      Jimmy Rosemond is CEO of Czar-Entertainment. He is truly a heavyweight in the music industry. He has already produced more than 20 million records sold over the last decade and is a managerial powerhouse in music, sports and entertainment. He also manages recording artist Game.Also see Wyclef Jean: An Artist With A Mission

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