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Writing love can shake soul

By Ardain IsmaCSMS Magazine Staff writerSince I was a child, I was always passionate about writing. Back then, I could only write in French. I was 15 and, of course, all my topics centered around one intriguing issue: LOVE—love at fist sight, love that made my little heart soar even from a frantic smile and love that, in a blur, broke and restored my soul. I was inexperienced, but I was a die-hard apprentice, willing to give-up his soul to learn the complexity of life—its joy, its mirage, its hope, its despair, its pain and its anxiety crafted from its nightmarish elements.            Although I was the handsome boy with the bulk-hole cheek that twittered like blue birds in the tropic, my secret admirers, once they came forward to describe their fire burning inside, admitted that it was never my innocent and saintly persona that forced them to cave into my charm. It was rather my little poems well rhymed with soulful expressions that stole their souls. “It is extremely important that you be the one I marry when I grow up,” one of my neighborhood girls revealed one day.            “Are you sure?” I asked.She did not reply. Instead, she grabbed me by the neck and made a soft landing on my lips. Two minutes later, she plucked a wrinkled piece of paper out of her tiny purse and began to tenderize my heart with her suavely gracious and sophisticated voice, while reciting few verses from a poem that I wrote for my school poetry contest.                      “Where did you get that?” I asked, stroking her shoulders.            “My friend gave me this copy,” she said with a grin.            “Cela fait chaud au coeur,” (it warms my heart) I murmured.            Since then, I began to take a closer look at I what I write and what I express in my writings. As I get older and more aware of my environment—its problems and its possible solutions—I still write love, but rarely from a fantasizing point. As I grasped the complicated contradictions in life, I became more and more in synch with my engaging expressions grounded from the premise of social justice. This is a much more powerful love born out of a conviction and an obsessive desire to make a difference. This love is pure, stainless, sincere, deep and strong as steel. It is the love for the oppressed, the disenfranchised and the overlooked.            As we live in a world that is increasingly becoming polarized along the class divide, writing is a quintessential point in advocating one’s position. “Writing is the power from which all revolutions are guided,” once said Jacques Stephen Alexis, Haitian thinker and revolutionary. Not only writing brings awe to someone’s heart, but it also can be used to demonstrate cognitive strength. As a novelist, I used a lot of metaphor to justify my progressive feelings. But it is the marvelous realism in the writing that will ultimately shake all souls. Inspiring authors should keep on writing, do not give up until there is light at the end of the tunnel.NoteDr. Ardain Isma is the chief editor of CSMS Magazine. He is also a novelist and a Social Studies professor at Nova Southeastern University, near Fort Lauderdale, Florida.His latest novel A Mother Lost can be purchased any where. Also see Haiti plunges into chaosand Russia and China in a strategic alliance to counter NATO’s global ambitionsand alsoCheating on the New Year’s resolutions already?

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