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Writer Claire Bijou: Relentlessly consistent!

Claire BijouaCSMS Magazine Staff Writers

Claire Bijou has been on a roll, working on several projects. She is also quietly building a readership on the social media. Indeed, she is doing it right. Publishers, these days, want to see not just the product but how marketable you are. When it comes to Claire, it’s a two-pronged strategy. Although living on her Caribbean Island and duly Francophone, she’s using the Shakespearian route to express what lies deepest in her heart. Poet in her own right, she has also embarked upon the business of writing long narratives. Her first is a novelistic prose in the making. Hold your breath. We won’t reveal the title. We spoke to her last week, and she shared some of her utmost undertakings with us. We’re proud of her. She is an integral part of the nuclear family of CSMS Magazine. You can follow her on both Linked-In and Facebook. Here is the link to her Facebook page: Claire’s page

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