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Elections in Haiti: Which of the crazies will get the pie?

caricatureaCSMS Magazine

Once again the people of Haiti are being called into civic duty. Tough choice! Don’t worry Ti-Mal, tomorrow will be another day, hopeless as today and yesterday. Today? Yeah! Today offers nothing but another mean-spirited move by sordid elements within the highest echelon of the Haitian society in a complicity with those who effectively control the land of Dessalines—now on the brink of losing its sovereignty. No matter how big or small is the number that shows up at the polls, that’s none of my concerns. The crazies have one thing in mind: showing how slavish they can be in upholding the interests of the enemies of Haiti. If Sweet Micky can be president, who can’t? Don’t cry Ti-Mal, our day will come……..


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