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Wiclef Jean in a new project for Haiti

CSMS Magazine Staff writersWiclef Jean, the famous Haitian-born rapper/singer, has once again embarked upon a new project called “Together for Haiti.” According to Wiclef, who was speaking to journalists during a news conference at the Gansevoort Hotel in New York last May, the program is to help provide food and employment to many unemployed Haitian. Clef, who rose to fame with the Fugees hip-hop group and became a hero in Haiti with his efforts to bring education and peace to the impoverished Caribbean nation, has set his sights on serious economic change not only in Port-au-Prince, but also throughout the country.            Haiti is undergoing some serious economic hardships, and the country was the focus of ABC’s night line news magazine on Wednesday night. The entire program was devoted to a heart-wrenching story: child labor or slavery. Most well-off Haitians seem to be taking a blind eye in the face of government’s neglect, until their pride get wounded when horrible pictures of Haitian children show up on T.V.Haiti really needs all the help it can get, especially when the help is coming from its own children like Wiclef Jean, who never misses an opportunity to display his Haitian pride.

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