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What do men truly want?

By Gyna Jen-Pierre

CSMS Magazine Staff Writer

You won’t believe how many times I hear this sentimental blunder, “I know you love him. However, you’ll be foolish to cave in too quickly.” This sounds pathetic. But that’s how many of my peers at work think.

It is often say that men like diehard, challenging women; it’s in their nature. They love the thrill of the hunt.

It is okay to make a man earn a relationship with you, but don’t let him know you’re making him work for it. If he’s really interested, he’ll do what it takes to see you. However, you must manage his expectations and realize that the harder you make him work in order to be with you, the more his going to expect from you.

This technique is a double-edged sword: to the victor go the spoils, and the harder he fights, the more of a prize he is going to expect. Make sure that you will live up to the expectations you’ve created, if he lives up to yours.  Don’t play the loser in this awesome game. Know the tricks, and you will always come out on top.

Note: Gyna Jean-Pierre is a creative writer. She is the author of several essays on women in the Caribbean. She lives in Ponte Vedra, Florida.

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