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Warren E-Zouk Album: An Artistic Success

By Christine Jean-Pierre

CSMS Magazine Staff Writer

The latest album making a buzz outright in the kompa and zouk music world is Zouk singer Warren’s sophomore album titled E-zouk. The cover of the album has a superhero feel to it with a baby blue colored background with lightning coming from ceiling and Warren’s right arm covering his chest area making him look like he’s invincible or that he’s a superhero ready to save the earth from evil. The album has a more kompa feel to it, as it is the new genre. It is a mixture of Kompa with Zouk and Dancehall music. The album is stocked with hits such as the smash Kompa hit Si ou rememn’m featuring Nickenson Prud’homme,  Gangsta Love featuring French dancehall artist Krys, Comment lui dire, J’suis pas dangereux, A tort ou a raison, Macho featuring Marvin, and Somebody like you.

            The album starts out with a danceable Zouk intro leading to the second track J’suis pas dangereux which is an up-beat Zouk track produced by VR6 and Warren. The song is talking about how he is not dangerous, and that he comes offering nothing but  peace. The song is a definite hot club joint around the clubs in Martinique and Guadeloupe. J’suis pas dangerereux gives the album a great intro to the hot tracks that came afterwards, injecting an ultra mega techno-Zouk feel to the track.

            The fifth track Comment lui dire is a Kompa/Zouk song produced by Thierry Delannay and Warren. The song is basically talking about a relationship he wants to fix with girlfriend and what words can he say to make her come back to her. The intro for the song starts out with Warren singing a French classic  intro in acapella with a little piano playing in the background. This song was the first single from the album and was a hit on NRJ Antilles radio stations in Martinique and Guadeloupe.

            The eighth track Gangsta Love featuring French dancehall rapper Krys is a zouk-dancehall song produced by Warren and Thierry Delannay. The song is about having fun at party and giving gangsta love meaning having fun in life and peace and love in the Caribbean. The song has the potential to be a definite chart hit in dancehall music charts as well as Caribbean music charts.

            The next track is the hit single Si ou rememn’m featuring kompa hit maker Nickenson Prud’homme. It is a kompa song produced and written by Nickenson Prud’homme. The song talks about this guy telling his love interest that if she wants to be with him then she needs accept him for who he is. This song was the third single from the album and was an instant hit in both zouk and kompa radio stations all over Haiti, Martinique, Guadeloupe, and in Warren homeland of French Guiana.  The video on YouTube has reached about 10,000 views with a rating of five for excellent.

            The tenth track Macho featuring Marvin is a kompa club-banger song produced by Cleeve and Warren and written by Marvin. The song is about how he’s telling his love interest that he is not a player and controller of woman. The track is a definite radio hit in kompa and zouk radio with an amazing kompa base at near middle and end of the song.

            The eighteenth track Somebody like You is a zouk/r&b song in English produced and written by zouk hit maker Kaysha. The song is about a guy talking about being with his girlfriend and how it will take him years to find another girl like her. The song really shows Warren versatile vocal talent with him singing in English like a true standard American R&B artist. The song has the potential for not just reaching Caribbean music charts, but the world music charts as well.

            The album E-Zouk from Warren is one of the latest zouk albums to come out in long time with male Zouk artist solo artist with more buzz and a smash kompa hit song since Ali Angel’s Hit me album which came out in 2005.  With amazing kompa base lines, zouk ballads, and exclusive production from both Nickenson Prud’homme and Kaysha, there is no doubt that E-zouk will be the album that many Caribbean music lovers will remember for many years to come.

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