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Wanting to become a true professional?

be proChantale Jimenez

CSMS Magazine

Being a true professional is the key to living a productive life. Here are the keys to achieving this level of professionalism.

CHARCTER is who you are and what you stand for. Professionals choose to be professional. They have integrity and they are responsible, diligent, and ethical. They do what is right and project a professional image.

ATTITUDE is your mental outlook. Professionals have a professional and a positive approach was well as a positive, serving mentality. They seek responsibility and are determined. Professionals are team players.

EXCELLENCE is your commitment to quality. Professionals press for excellence and continuous improvement. They are attentive and follow instructions.

COMPETENCY is your degree of expertise. Professionals understand their job and develop their skills. They produce results, perform effectively, and communicate skillfully.

CONDUCT is how you deal with others. Professionals are mature, polite, and loyal. They respect authority and maintain confidences. Professionals do everything with style and class.

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