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Food Choices: Important for a healthy lifestyle

fruit and vegetablesGyna Jean-Pierre

CSMS Magazine

You are what you eat! This is the conventional wisdom. Would you be willing to change your eating habits today, right now, if you knew the modifications you could extend your life by ten healthy years or more? Okay, no one can guarantee you will live a longer, healthier life if you put down the doughnuts and French fries and go for the fresh fruit and baked potato with fresh herbs. But taking such step is a terrific start, and one that is supported by lots of research. It’s hard to ignore the scores of scientific studies, Internet articles, TV shows, and newspaper reports about the health benefits of a balanced, nutritious diet, even though they do share media time and space with fast-food commercials and stories about people eating deep-fried butter sticks and chocolate bars at the state fair. But deep down, you know the former—and not the latter—is the road to a fuller, healthier life. So, stick to a good nutrition!

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