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Tragedy in Petionville, Haiti

CSMS Magazine Staff Writers

According to several newswires, a school has collapsed in the suburban town of Petionville, near Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Reports out of Haiti, have confirmed at least 10 death with a chilling reminder that perhaps as many as 500 people are feared to have perished beneath the rubble. Scores have also been reported injured. Emergency UN workers are working right now to free more people from the wreckage at La Promise College School in Petion-ville, where about 700 students were attending at the time when the collapse occurred. Relatives of children missing inside the school were crying and yelling for more support for the return and safety of the missing children trapped inside.

     CSMS Magazine has spoken by phone to Germina Lageau, a resident in the area, who described the scene as gruesome at best. Red Cross workers working on the site of the collapsed school described the scene like an earthquake destruction. Many UN peacekeepers and Red Cross volunteers created a route through the many crowds of worried relatives, so that the UN military engineers would come through and add assistance in finding the bodies of the missing students. This is the latest of a series of tragedies striking the already impoverished island nation.

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