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Tina: La Princesse Guianese has a new hit video climbing the chart

By Christine Jean-Pierre

CSMS Magazine Staff Writer

Zouk diva Tina is back with two new singles from the smash hit album Couleurs du Monde. The first one is titled On Line, featuring Ali Angel. The song itself is written by Ali Angel and produced by Konpa hit maker Nickenson Prud’homme. The song is talking about a girl’s infatuation with a guy she met on the internet and how the two lovers are hopeful about meeting each other. On Line, although is one of the best songs out there—beautiful melody mixed with an exuberance not seen before from Tina is not new as it may seem. It was leaked out to the media back in 2007. According to several sources closed to the Zouk industry, it was made for another Zouk compilation album, which was never released due to contract issues.

            The second single Crazy feeling is a more like a melodrama written and produced by Zouk hit maker Kaysha. It is about a girl who is madly in love with her boyfriend and how their relationship is so special. That makes her become a better person. The song has a Zouk/R&B feel, which can definitely keep you on your toes when dancing with that special someone.

            The two singles along with the videos were released on YouTube on October 23, 2009. The first video On Line was produced in two locations: Arizona and Miami. The video clip starts with an opening salvo taking place in Arizona, where one sees both Ali Angel and Tina singing at the same time about their desire to see each other outside the internet—hence the name of the song On Line. The striking shot in the middle of the video is when Nickenson Prud’homme bursts out of the blue and halts the show for few seconds to invite his fans to come weaving along the exotic beat of this new revolutionized Konpa.  

            With this song, critics believe this new Konpa/Zouk genre has reached a new height, ushering a feeling of awe into the hearts of all music lovers—from the Caribbean to the Indian Ocean.  This dazzlingly trilled mixture is certainly poised to storm the world, capturing souls from some of the most remote corners of the planet. Tina—voluptuously real with her high-pitch-sensationalist voice and her flawless demeanor—has once again proved she is truly the master of her own destiny. She seems to be flying over the breath-taking melodies invented by Nicky on his computerized keyboard that he performs out of his Miami studio.

            The second video Crazy Feeling took place in both Arizona and in Las Vegas. It is what anyone would call a short film, rather than a music video clip. It recounts the story of a disenfranchised prostitute and her estranged pimp. Ali Angel (the pimp) and Tina (the prostitute) meet up for the first time and Ali quickly makes Tina his prostitute; and every bit of money she makes at night goes to Ali who is her pimp. Well aware of her exploited condition, she pleaded for help and was later rescued by her sister. Nathalie Carollo, the director of the video, plays the sister’s role, and the two travel to Arizona to get away from the pimp. Then out of no where Tina’s pimp quickly finds them, but the two ladies escape just in time to get inside their car and drive off.

The release of the song On Line has triggered some rumors and had some confusion floating around because it was released a week after the hit single Mene Mwen by Soumia was released. According to many Konpa watchers, both songs have a Nicky style Konpa keyboard breakdown, especially with the over drumming mixed with a sexually charged lyric. But the difference is also obvious. On Line was actually composed by Nickenson Prud’homme, and Mene Mwen was produced by Zouk hit maker and guitarist MarkG. Rumor has it that Tina wanted to quickly release On Line in the hopes to take Mene Mwen off the top of charts.  According to Tina’s manager Nathalie Carollo, the release date of On Line was already planned six months in advance, and that Tina has no intention of creating any type of competition between her and Soumia. She believes the release of the two songs around the same time was merely a coincidence. However, this latest video is one to enjoy. It certainly gives you un goût de fin du monde.

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