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This week in “The Conversation”: Filmmaker Rose Coriolan speaks with Ardain Isma

Rose and Ardain aArdain Isma

CSMS Magazine

I had a chance last week to have a conversation with filmmaker Rose Coriolan. Rose is a childhood friend. We met in Miami during the tumultuous period of the 1980s, at the heart of the refugee struggle. One thing I like about Rose is her positive attitude and her passion for social justice.

In this conversation, Rose speaks at length about her love for cinema. “I grew up in an environment where I saw montages all the times,” she says emphatically. She goes on to say that film could not be her first major in college because her Haitian parents would not have allowed it. Haitian parents usually fear their children have little chance at succeeding in the tough competing world of cinematography. Understandably, Rose studied management, and after graduation, she went back to school to study what she had always wanted to do, which was films.

In our conversation, Rose also meticulously explains the thin line between scriptwriting and literary writing. She speaks of the discipline, the patience, and the ability to put together a strong team of professionals required to be productive. She gives the example of Raoul Peck, renowned Haitian filmmaker whose success is an admiration to everyone in this industry.

Rose has produced documentaries and short films under this common team: social justice. She is the producer at Cinema Verite, a company she has founded. Rose is also a renowned activist and a well-respected professional in the Haitian community in Miami.

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