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This week in “The Conversation”: Author Miyoshi Umeki Gordon

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Last week, I had the privilege to sit down and have a conversation with Orlando writer Miyoshi Gordon, a writer who speaks from the heart. She is the author of Broken, an award-winning memoir. In Broken, Miyoshi gives a compelling account of her life after having been battling myositis, breast cancer, and emotional abuse from her first husband who suffered from drug addiction.

In this moving story—the story of her life—the author, like many of us going through these unexpected setbacks in life, explains how she, at a moment of her life, felt broken. There came the title of her memoir.   After being diagnosed with two incurable diseases and going through so much emotionally, it would be hard for anyone not to feel broken. But Miyoshi fought on, and her spirituality, her faith in God became the driving force behind her determination to win against the odds.

Her adult son has also been a great support. It was a moving conversation in which Miyoshi expressed her aspirations to assist others who silently suffer from physical and emotional trauma. A voice for the voiceless has become her mantra.

Miyoshi Gordon is the founder of United – A Divine Purpose, Inc., a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization with a mission to help individuals who have been impacted by myositis or breast cancer. Her career in the medical field has been a great help in the struggle. She had spent 30 years working in Radiology, “and most of these years she served as the Diagnostic Radiology Supervisor.”

The author’s work is being recognized. She was honored as Brand Ambassador Orlando, Florida,  for Dreamland Productions and The Cover Magazine. So, Miyoshi Umeki Gordon is our featured author of the week.

To learn more about Miyoshi’s work, please visit her organization’s website:


Watch the  interview below.

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