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Spring is in the air!

woman in spring 1 aGina Jean-Pierre

CSMS Magazine

You’re too busy to notice. The crape myrtles are back, refreshingly real. Last year, no one seemed to pay attention. We were all trying to survive COVID. While the pandemic is still very much here, some of us are back in the backyard garden. After all, life must go on. Here, on the first coast of Florida, it’s allergy season. The pollen is back, and the greenish power cannot be ignored.  Me? I’m no allergy sufferer. After clearing the flower bed around the house yesterday, I’m ready to put the mulch down. I’ve gotten rid of the dollar weeds, and the grass is green again. The snakes may still be in hibernation, for I have yet to see the black racers—although my son told me he saw one pigmy rattler last week, crawling along the tree line. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to enjoy spring again.

Note: Gina Jean-Pierre is a contributor to CSMS Magazine. She now lives and works in suburban Atlanta.

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