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Thinking About Enlisting?

soldier1By Andrew Robbins

CSMS Magazine

I have been away from CSMS Magazine. I am near finalizing another book, and this one is about my time in our military service. It has taken nearly forty years for me to address the emotions that surge within me as I relive combat events. That writing has resulted in this, and I suspect one or more articles concerning our service members.

May I suggest? If you are thinking about joining the U.S. military, before you make that decision, do your research.

If you were my son or daughter, I would suggest that you do not join the armed forces. On the positive side, I could make the argument. Staying away from combats, you would receive training and perhaps civilian job skills that future employers will seek. Then there is the additional incentive, money for trade school or university.

Now the downside: We all realize the combat operations, people on the front line, getting hurt; and it is not like in the movies. Any number of things can happen; either contact with the enemy, an accident or a rocket that explodes deep into where all the support troops are sleeping.

Remember, once you take the oath and sign that paperwork, you become an expendable government slave!

Things happen and service members get hurt. But people who are the property of the Department of Defense (DOD) don’t leave until they are released. Oh yeah, there is that end of service date. But remember, if you are injured, the DOD may keep you on board or they may kick you out. It’s always at their discretion.

Now, here is the really bad part: If you are injured while in service and then you become a civilian, you might end up with the Veterans Administration as your medical provider.

Don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself. Go online and read veterans’ horror stories. It takes years to process a VA claim for injury. And, do you really believe the top medical university graduates work for the VA?

Why would you put yourself at risk when the facts are, the leadership of this country (both parties) fail to provide for our injured service members.

When young people stop enlisting, then Washington will start providing veterans with promised care.

Note: Andrew Robbins served twenty-two months in Vietnam (1 December 1967 – 3 October 1969) with the 3rd/187th Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division. He is a staff member of CSMS Magazine. He is a writer who lives in suburban Indianapolis. He has been away for a few months, working on his second book. Glad to have Andrew back into the family of CSMS Magazine.

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