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François Hollande fled Paris for Haiti to escape Victory Day in Moscow

Francis Hollandem Michel MartellyCSMS Magazine Staff Writers

French president François Hollande fled Paris last week for a prearranged summit on climate change in the Caribbean. Hollande, whose popularity is in the low teens and whose economic recipe has long been rebuked by the French citizens, sought refuge last weekend in the French Antilles. In the wake of Ukrainian separatists’ victory in Eastern Ukraine and the loss of the Crimea on the Black Sea, Western leaders took a nose dive, going completely underground to avoid going to Moscow not only to honor Russian power and sacrifices while fighting Nazi Germany, but also to face the latest high-tech weapons Russian science can offer in retooling its strategic deterrence.

Hollande low-key visit in the Haitian capital was part of a diplomatic scheme to camouflage France’s weakness in the aftermath false promises made to Ukraine and the impotence of French power to reverse the trend in Eastern Ukraine. According to CSMS Magazine correspondence in Port-au-Prince Yves Duchene, Hollande was received by Haitian “dignitaries” and chaperoned by Haitian President Michel Martelly and Haitian PM Evans Paul.

Haitian leaders who have long clinched the title of “International Panhandlers” quickly seized upon the moment to lobby for yet another round of French donation. Hollande remained aloof in his usual goofy-style demeanor. He only promised to help rebuild the educational system. In essence, he offered nothing to the disappointment of many sleazy-lumpen bourgeois in attendance. No one knew for sure what was discussed in the private meeting between Hollande and Martelly whose corruption-rigged government is preparing another round of election cycle in Haiti.

Russia’s latest display of weaponry

russia missileb1On the 70th anniversary of what Russia calls the “Great Patriotic War,” Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who oversees the country’s military-industrial complex, was overjoyed—his face aglow—as he stood next to the military hierarchy to review once more the finest Russia’s military might can offer. On display last week was the RS-24 Yars Intercontinental Ballistic Missile with the means to deliver three nuclear warheads—a weapon that would make the western powers think twice before picking up a fight with Russia.  Along with the ultimate weapon, a new T-14 tank with a dazzling show of force and demonstration of how military equipment could be evacuated in the battlefield was also put on display.

The T-14 is said to be the first battle tank deployed by Russia in 40 years. Russia plans on building 2,300 of such tanks, a costly undertaking that will gradually replace aging Soviet-era military vehicles.

Despite the absence of western leaders, a myriad of foreign dignitaries were at hands for the celebrations, including Chinese leader Xi Jinping, Cuban President Raul Castro, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko (The Bad Boy) and many others.   

Barack Obama, David Cameron and François Hollande have all chosen not to attend the celebrations in Moscow. Both Obama and Cameron cited busy schedules as the reason for their absence. It is truly an embarrassment, a diplomatic blunder, knowing the fact Russia suffered more than any other nations during World War II—27 million souls lost to the savagery of war.  German Chancellor Angela Merkel—always pragmatic in action and demeanor—visited Moscow Saturday where she laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. It was act of contrition. She was the only western leader to do so.

In Haiti, the conformist politicians were being used as figurants in the protracted game of superpower rivalry.

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