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The power of communication

communication 1By Angeline Jean-Pierre

Communication is fundamental to finding, developing, and keeping a relationship strong. Without communication, there could be no relationship. There are many different levels and forms of communication, from electronic to verbal to body language. A simple miscommunication can be disastrous for a new relationship. In the very beginning stages of forming and developing a connection, clear, concise, and direct communication is critical.It’s just as easy to raise flags when you say too much too soon as it when you don’t say enough.

Communication is a slippery slope, and people have different styles of communication. Some people can express themselves easily, but others prefer to imply what they mean instead. Some people don’t even communicate at all, which is the death to any relationship. As a woman, you should follow his lead in communication just as you would when dancing. Communication will broaden and deepen as the connection develops. Even in a long-term relationship, communication is the most important tool you can use to reinforce the connection.

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