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The last time he saw her

Angeline Jean-Pierre

CSMS Magazine

The last time he saw her, he was on her way to work. It was at a busy intersection in the middle of the heavy morning traffic. Through their cars’ windshields, their eyes met. His heart leaped in uncontrolled delight. He had not seen her in years, and he even thought she had moved out of town. She smiled, a smile that soon catapulted into a joyous laughter. He waved and she waved back. And before he had a chance to say a word, the light turned green. She sped away and disappeared amid intense traffic. His glee now turned into unwanted sorrow as he watched her silhouette slowly fading before his chagrined eyes. He sensed this time she was gone for sure, forever lost from his eyesight. A slew of thoughts stirred in his mind. He wished he had not driven his car down that street.

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