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The fight goes on in Haiti

haiti fight 1CSMS Magazine

The Jovenel Moise government is trying all kinds of tactics to manipulate public opinion in a desperate attempt to forestall discontents. Making the news in Port-au-Prince the past few days is the arrest of several individuals implicated in a bank robbery. According to CSMS Magazine correspondent in Haiti, Blondine Jean Phillippe, apparently the robbers were arrested and then let go. But this is just another news items as part of a scheme to stave off mounting opposition against a dying regime totally beholden to foreign interests and that of the interests of recalcitrant businessmen in uptown Port-au-Prince.

This morning, according to Blondine, in the neighborhood of Fouchard, gunfire irrupted. This has resulted to two people dead and another two were wounded. Despite this latest fait divers, the fight goes on. Fresh demonstrations were announced for today and tomorrow and beyond. The pressure will no doubt overthrow Jovenel, a feckless coon, with no real power. But if the people want to win and win decisively this time, they need to create a vanguard with representatives from all cities and towns where the popular revolt has been taking place.  That will bypass the traditional politicians who have been using anger and frustrations among the disenfranchised Haitians for their own selfish interests.

Note: Our correspondent in Port-au-Prince, Blondine Jean Philippe, has contributed to this report.

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