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Bernie Sanders is back!

bernie 2020 1Jacob Davis

CSMS Magazine Staff Writer

It was jubilation when Bernie Sanders announced this week that he has entered the race for 2020. From coast to coast, progressives rose to their feet in celebration. Many thought the Democrat-socialist was not going to be part of a growing list of Democrats trying to unseat Donald Trump. To some degree even if Bernie was not in the race, his ideas were and forever will be the centerpiece of progressive politics in America. Universal health care, free college tuition, raising the minimum wage were considered fringe ideas four years ago. Now, every single Democratic candidate is advocating—in some form or another—for the same things. Will Bernie make it this time? It will depend on how the voters will respond. But all indications point to a repeat of the same enthusiasm that characterized his campaign back in 2015. Donations are pouring in like tiny raindrops in grayish winter days—small but plentiful.

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