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The ancillary findings of this week

CSMS Magazine Staff Writers

This week, there have been a lot of activities going on. CSMS Magazine is now back in full operation with new writers willing to contribute to the wonderful job we set out to do more than 3 years ago. There was a nice gathering at the World Golf Village’s Water Berry Estates in Saint Augustine, Florida, where CSMS members convened to create a new agenda for the upcoming year. Among items on the agenda was a daring proposal to make 2010 the year of preparation for the 2011 grand tribute for Jacques Stephen Alexis. Two thousand eleven will mark the 50thanniversary of the JSA’s disappearance. Throughout next year, CSMS Magazine will be at the forefront of this effort. Jacques Stephen Alexis, one of Haiti’s best thinkers and novelists, disappeared in 1961 in Haiti’s northern coast as he prepared to reenter the country clandestinely from a highly publicized overseas trip that took him to Moscow, Peking, Paris, Lisbon and many other European cities. His body was never recovered. But Alexis’ brilliance and his literary works translated in many languages continue to be the subject of serious debates in many academic venues of the world. 

            Also at the gathering, many members who are themselves CSMS Magazine Staff Writers like Angeline and Christine Jean-Pierre, reiterated their allegiance to the editorial line of the magazine. Other important item discussed was the idea of transforming CSMS Magazine into a major venue where new but promising authors can make their debut. Although Caribbean literature is first and foremost the one being considered, writers from other regions are by no means excluded. You’re welcome to send your work, which will get the same consideration. Please, refer to the submission guideline posted on the magazine website.

            Wiclef Jean, the most revered Haitian superstar in North America, was one of the topics put in display by CBS news magazine 60 Minutes two Sundays ago. Wiclef was recognized for his efforts at helping the poor in Haiti, something that earned him the status of a living saint, according to CBS 60 Minutes. Although Wiclef is not the wealthiest Haitian, but few of his fellow compatriots would devote so much times, energy and part of their fortunes to bettering the lives of Haiti’s disenfranchised population.

            Kenedy, the Guadeloupian songstress, has a new album titled Entre toi et moi (Between you and I). The album is said to be critically acclaimed by all music watchers and seems to be well embraced by the fans.

Nichols, better known as Zouk  Mc Daddy also has a new album titled Tropical Lady’s Night. Mc Daddy, who has already released two popular singles featuring Haitian sensation, Nickenson Prud’Homme, is said to be receiving great reviews on Youtube.

The hot healthcare debate around the country is getting hotter by the day as reactionary political activists turn to ugly tactics to reverse the momentum and take the initiative. The White House seems to be paying closer attention. Yesterday, it launched its own campaign. A chain e-mail that bears the signature of Obama chief strategist, David Axeslrod, hit cyberspace with a fury, aiming at eliminating the fear among the conservative sector of the society, which has been under a barrage of TV ads engineered by big insurances companies that set to lose big in the event of a healthcare reform designed to lower healthcare cost comes into effect.        

Finally, Haitian writer, Vernada Lageau who lives in South Carolina, has just published a new children book. The book is a great tool to early cognitive development. CSMS Magazine spoke to Ms. Lageau last week. According to the author, she will be in South Florida next month promoting her book.       

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