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Thank you for your support and kind words for the interview with Myriam Chancy

CSMS Magazine Staff Writers

 We have been receiving a surge of support, but also some suggestions about the best we can enhance the multicultural aspect of our magazine. We are sending special thanks to everyone who sent us kind words of support for the interview Dr. Isma did last week with writer Myriam Chancy (above in the picture) For those of you inquired more about her, visit her website:www.myriamchancy.com         We are sending special thanks to our readers around the world, and we are inviting potential writers to join us and be part of the great CSMS family. Having said that, we do not usually publish every article that is sent to us. Before sending an article, please take a minute to read our submission guidelines.As much as we would love to publish more article relating to multiculturalism, we can only do so only if our contributors are available. That is why we are encouraging prospective writers to contribute by following these guidelines:  

  1. Please, do not submit articles to the Comment Section. This section is only for comments and suggestions. 
  2. Make sure that your work is near perfect as far as the editing is concerned. Most importantly, follow our editorial line, which centers around social justice and cross-cultural awareness. 
  3. Submit the article as an attachment in Microsoft Word in order to preserve the integrity of the work. We do not pay for submission for the simple reason that we cannot afford to do so. We are a nonprofit magazine and, as one can see, we make no money in what we do. Although that may change, knowing that the intensity of which our readership has grown lately. Money will be needed to keep up with the pace.

             What we offer to our writers is a global audience, a venue where recognition might come faster than the regular norm. Please, send all submission to: publisher@csmsmagazine.org

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