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Thank you for yor word of Support

CSMS Magazine Staff Writers

Since Sunday, we have been receiving lots of notes of encouragement from our readers expressing their support regarding our ultimate decision to ask for a subscription for a small fee beginning October 1st.  It was not an easy decision to make, knowing the fact that our magazine is multilingual, and many of our overseas readers may not be able to subscribe for a fee.  But the dilemma we face only leaves us with two options: making CSMS Magazine self-sustainable or close-up shop. So we chose the first option, for we strongly believe that readers who have been with us for the past 3 years will not let us down.

                We know there are countless of other news sources on the web that are available freely for our readers to choose should they decide to turn the page on us, and our decision was not based out of some sleazy desire to make money off our devoted readers. What makes us so different, however, is our commitment to denouncing social injustices anywhere in the world. That also falls in line with our integrity. In the past, we have said NO to advertisers that we deemed unworthy and incompatible with the type of work we do.  We have always wanted to be free as birds flying high above a world filled with mishaps and outright injustices. We will never compromise our freedom to speak our minds. This is something we strongly believe we owe dearly to our devoted readers.

                Our decision is strategic, for remaining idle and not taking the steps necessary to stay in business would have been tantamount to a slap in the face of everyone who has put his/her faith in the work that we do everyday. The money we will raise will only go towards the operational cost of the site, not to pay our staff writers and other contributors, which would have been perfectly normal if that also were the case. Writing and editing during wee hours in the morning are priceless. No money could ever suffice to pay for it. All these sacrifices have been done out of a pure desire to inform at a time objective information are hard to come by. 

                So, we are once again saying THANK YOU for all the words of encouragement. However, words of encouragement alone will not be able to keep us alive. It is time to start backing the words with deeds. Make a pledge by subscribing for a small fee on October 1st.

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