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Thank you for all the kinds words about the article on Jude Jean

CSMS Magazine Staff writersEver since we published the article on Jude Jean, there has been a pouring support for the artist. Many want to know his whereabouts. Others have expressed their utmost desire to enjoy a new album from Jean. There are fans like Marjorie Louis from Alexandria, Virginia, who claimed to have been saddened by the fact that Jude Jean has not been able to impose himself into the mainstream ofCaribbean music.            To the contrary, we believe Jude Jean is an artist of the mainstream, well versed in Konpa Love and well beloved by his fans worldwide. It so happened that greedy producers and promoters are too ruthless to objectively and honestly give artists like Jean the opportunities they so deserve in order to expand their talent, thereby giving their audience the freewheeling sensation they search for on the dance floor.            “I known Jude Jean for more than 10 years, and he has always been mon artiste préféré.To me, it is a matter of time before he is back on the scene, making center-stage,” wrote Lucienne Darchelier from Villejuif, a suburban town, right outside of Paris. In the face of such outpouring of support, Christine Jean-Pierre, our staff writer who wrote the article, has been in a hunt for the artist. Her search has yet to produce tangible results. However, there has been a rumor claiming that Jude Jean has returned to K-Dans. It is difficult to confirm rumors like this one. If that were to be true, however, many fans will be extremely disappointed once they remember the brutal and swift removal of Jean by the band managers some three years ago, only to replace him by an obscurely miniscule singer parachuted from thin air.            In any event, Jude Jean shall return to the music scene with his filtered voice that continues to plunge his diehard fans into an infinite nostalgia. Just like Alan Cavé and others, Jude Jean was, is and forever will be the prince—the forgotten prince (for now)—of the nouvelle generation.

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