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Stop the carnage in Palestine!

CSMS Magazine Staff Writers

As Israeli leaders go on a psychopathic rampage to finish off the last vestige of Palestinian resistance, world leaders can only offer token sympathy. Tel Aviv has nothing to fear for Israeli defense minister Ehud Barak has already made his case before his traditional ally in Washington (the departing Bush administration) and has already dealt a preemptive strike to the upcoming Obama administration. Israeli media never strop quoting Obama’s famous words with regard to Palestinian resistance: “If my children’s life were in danger caused by firing rockets, I would do anything to stop it.” This was Obama’s words while visiting the Jewish state last spring—nonchalant disregards to the plight of the Palestinians and the Arab masses in general, who have been living under constant  physical, emotional and psychological threats and humiliation caused by Israel’s bullying and outright militarism for more than half of a century.  Obama may wish he did not say that, but this is no time to give politicians benefit of the doubt. We must judge them by their actions, which certainly speak louder than words.

The United States is the only country that can seriously order Israel to stop its carnage. It won’t do it because actions like these will almost certain to put the US government in a “dangerous” collision course with rightwing lobbyists, the religious right and all other reactionary elements in the US elite, who see Israel as just another offshore 51st state in the Union—a State that must be supported at all costs, no matter how hideous the crime or war crime it has committed and no matter how much these acts have outraged the world.  

Another factor adding to Israel’s seemingly unstoppable and brutal offensive against tiny Gaza is the impotence of Arab leaders—their hypocrisy and their reactionary nature as illegitimate regimes whose only survival depends on Washington backing. Their conviction with regard to the Palestinian’s endless misery has always been skin-deep—a misery that they themselves have contributed to exacerbate in their political backstabbing and their own inherit blood thirsting vis-à-vis their own defenseless and utterly deprived population. At different time in history, Arab leaders never missed an opportunity to gruesomely exploit the Palestinian cause to their own self-defeating interests.  They used the cause when it deemed necessary and dumped it in a heartbeat with diabolical repression when it became a liability, as in the case of the Jordanian kingdom in 1973 or the Egyptian government that is now refusing to allow Palestinian refugees to escape the carnage.

With no serious effort at governmental level left to save a brutally oppressed people, only a genuinely worldwide concerted mobilization can stop the Israeli war machine.

Let’s speak in one voice to continue to denounce this latest Israel’s aggression. Justice MUST and WILL eventually prevail so freedom will someday reign over whatever is now left from historical Palestine.                     

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