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Senator Kamala Harris has dropped out of the presidential race

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After weeks of speculations about whether her campaign would survive, US presidential candidate Kamala Harris answered that question this morning. In a well-written, emotional statement published on the campaign’s official website, she reminded America that she was “not a billionaire. I can’t fund my own campaign. And as the campaign has gone on, it’s become harder and harder to raise money we need to compete.” The reference to “billionaire” appears to have been directed at Michael Bloomberg, the Wall Street billionaire tycoon and former New York City mayor who has recently entered the race.

Kamala’s campaign suffered a major blow last week when Kelly Mehlenbacher, the campaign Chief Operations Director, resigned in a spectacular move in which she described the campaign environment “with low morale” and lack of “planning or a vision for how to win.” Kelly Mehlenbacher, who is one of the pillars in the Democratic party machine and who was Treasury Manager for the Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, portrayed herself as a know-it-all whiz with puckish wit when it comes to the Democratic party politics. What she did not say, however, was that while pompously heralded her departure across all major new outlets, she made no mention of her new contract with the Bloomberg campaign for which she will soon start working as its Deputy Chief Operating Officer. This was a clear case of political backstabbing.

From the start, Kamala Harris’ campaign faced a series of challenges. She was never endorsed by the African American political establishment, opportunistic in its nature, because they did not think she could win, although Harris fits quite well in the mold of liberal Democratic politics. It is the same look-warm, hypocritical attitude they have adopted vis-à-vis the other African American candidate in the race, New Jersey senator Cory Booker, while they’re openly campaigning for a dubious figure—former vice-president Joe Biden.

Kamala has been criticized for being too rigid as a woman and for having what they’ve described as a dull sense of insensitiveness, especially when taking on her political opponents. One of such cases was when she aggressively rebuked Tulsi Gabbard, congresswoman from Hawaii and also a presidential candidate on the stage during one of the presidential debates early in the campaign. Tulsi questioned her dealing with mass incarceration of African Americans in California when she was the state’s top prosecutor. Her instinctive, emotional response to Tulsi was considered a major faux pas. Since then, Kamala’s campaign train had been on a dwindling, slippery slope until it ran out of steam. Realistically, she called it quit this morning.

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