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Saint Louis du Nord: High School students took to the streets in protest

Yves Duchet

CSMS Magazine

students in saint louis 3Saint Louis du Nord, Haiti—Yesterday, hundreds of grade school children took to the streets, protesting what they described as instructional deficiency and lack of teachers. The target was Lycée Serge Petit Frère headed by John Moreau. According to school officials in the town, the teachers are on strike for lack of pay. This has been an ongoing problem, and few weeks ago, Mr. Moreau negotiated an arrangement to which the teachers agreed to go back to work. A month later, the teachers walked out again, accusing John Moreau of reneging on the promise to pay them accordingly. Consequently, the students were left out in the cold, going to school with teacher-less classrooms. This morning, they had enough as you could see in the video below.

What is happening in Saint Louis is the mirror reflection of a failed education system where teachers receive very little training with regards to instructional strategies, no engaging lesson plans and no incentives to teachers to do so because they feel cheated by corrupt school officials—a sad reality. This is a travesty, considering children represent the future of their country.

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