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Rutshelle Guillaume in feature this week



Christine Jean-Pierre

CSMS  Magazine

A new rising star in the Haitian folksong arena is pushing her way, following the footsteps of her mentor, Emeline Michel. Rutshelle is the new diva and her fans, whether in the US or in Haiti, can’t seem to get enough of her. She is young, energetic and seems well suited for the task. Her Creole beauty—a simple elegance—tops her charms on the stage.

Kitem Kriye (Let me cry) is one of her gut-wrenching videos that has already been viewed more than 70, 000 times. The theme Kriye (Cry) is one that most folksingers in Haiti have used in the past to rally support from the masses—nearly 10 million people. Once rose to prominence, however, their fame runs into a collision course with the enemy of the people; and with money and bribe, their soul is bought and so is the conviction that forced them to choose this genre of Haitian music in the first place. We can only hope Rutshelle does not fall into this trap. So, this week Kitem Kriye by Rutshelle Guillaume is our featured video. Let’s watch.

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