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Rumors surrounding the death of Patrick Saint-Eloi

CSMS Magazine Staff Writers

Patrick Saint-Eloi, the legendary figure of the zouk world, is reportedly to be in critical condition. There are even rumors about his possible death. However, CSMS Magazine has been unable to confirm them. According to RFO-Guadeloupe, Patrick would be hospitalized at a hospital in Guadeloupe, suffering from some serious health problems. There have been rumors that he was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer, but Patrick, a heroic fighter, has shown no signs of being retired from what he knows best: singing his melo-love songs.

We’ve received a number of requests, urging us to confirm the rumors. As we’re writing this piece, we can only write what has been reported. He is currently in a hospital, but not dead.

Patrick, better known as the Prince Charmant, who gained fame in the early 90s while he was one of the lead singers of the legendary zouk ban Kassav, the pioneering Antilles group that catapulted zouk on the international music map, “taking their infectiously catchy sound to France and its overseas departments, as well as Africa and the Indian Ocean region,” confirmed an article on the RFO’s main webpage. It was at Zenith Concert Hall in Paris that the world first came into contact with Patrick’s filtered voice.  

Our Caribbean music editor, Christine Jean-Pierre, has been on the phone with reporters in both Martinique and Guadeloupe, but nothing has been confirmed. We’re simply urging our readers to continue to visit us as we intend to give an update on the latest about Patrick as soon as it becomes available.

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