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Return Geronimo’s Remains From Yale’s’Skull&Bones’Society

by Brenda NorrellSAN CARLOS, Ariz. – American Indians are petitioning Congress to investigate the elite Skull and Bones society at Yale University and return the remains of Chiricahua Apache warrior Geronimo to Apaches for reburial.  The online petition describes the desecration of Geronimo’s grave in 1918 by members of the society, including President George W. Bush’s grandfather, Sen. Prescott Bush. The men removed Geronimo’s head and a prized silver bridle, which had been buried with him.  ”Using acid and amid laughter, they stripped Geronimo’s head of hair and flesh. They then took their ‘trophies’ back to Yale University and put them on display in the clubhouse of the secret fraternity ‘Skull and Bones,”’ states the petition.  Outraged American Indian tribal members from across the nation and indigenous people from around the world are signing the petition with plans to pressure Congress to act.  Apache leaders want Geronimo to be buried, as he requested, in tribal lands in the mountains of San Carlos.  ”Geronimo left his rifle and peace pipe here when they took him away,” Thompson said. ”When Geronimo was taken from this land, he wanted to come back and be buried on San Carlos in the Triplet Mountains.”  Skull and Bones admitted to San Carlos Apache leaders almost 20 years ago that it was in possession of a skull it called Geronimo’s in its secret ”museum” in New Haven, Conn.  Raleigh Thompson, who served as San Carlos Apache tribal councilman for 16 years, toldIndian Country Today that he was among the Apache tribal leaders with whom Skull and Bones officials met in New York in a series of meetings beginning in 1986. He said the society, of which Bush and his father, former President George H.W. Bush, are members, admitted that it held Geronimo’s remains.  San Carlos Apache Chairman Ned Anderson and tribal attorney Joe Sparks were also members of the Apache delegation that met with the society in New York. Anderson and Thompson said the delegation met with Skull and Bones officials and Jonathan Bush, brother of George H.W. Bush.  Thompson said Prescott Bush was among a group of six Army soldiers who dug up Geronimo’s remains at Fort Sill, Okla., in 1918. The San Carlos Apache Tribe received a copy of a logbook describing the graverobbing and a photograph of a skull on display before meeting with the board in New York.  Thompson said the society attempted to return a skull – that of a child – which the Apache delegation rejected. Skull and Bones members subsequently threatened legal action if the photograph were not returned.  Attorney Endicott Davison, representing Skull and Bones, denied that the society had Geronimo’s skull. He claimed the logbook was a hoax.  Alexandra Robbins, a former staff member of The New Yorker magazine and author of ”Secrets of the Tomb: Skull and Bones, the Ivy League and the Hidden Paths of Power,” told ICT that her research supports the Apache leaders’ statements. Robbins believes that Geronimo’s skull is in the society’s tomb.  The petition for the return and reburial of Geronimo’s skull states that Skull and Bones is a secret society founded at Yale in 1832. Its history is intertwined with that of the German Illuminati and the Nazi Party, according to the petition.  ”They maintain a windowless building called ‘The Tomb’ at 64 High Street, New Haven, Connecticut. The club’s assets are controlled by a front company, The Russell Trust Association Inc. Every year, 15 Yale juniors are ‘tapped’ for Skull & Bones membership. They are indoctrinated into the cultish society with elaborate rituals steeped in satanic theatricism and latent homosexuality.  ”The goal of this fraternity is to create the ultimate network of ‘good ole boys’ around the world. Their alumni include Prescott Bush’s son [George H.W.] and grandson [George W.] as well as heads of state and leaders of numerous intelligence agencies, trading companies, business empires and law firms,” according to the petition.  Since the initial leak of information to the Apache leaders, other sources have confirmed that Geronimo’s skull is, as asserted in the petition, indeed on display in The Tomb and considered the ”mascot” of this ”club” on High Street.  The petition further states that the ”undersigned are horrified with this display of elitist, racist witchcraft” and asks Congress, with the assistance of whatever law enforcement necessary, to launch an immediate investigation into the theft and possession of human remains by Skull and Bones, Russell Trust Association Inc. and any members of the U.S. government involved, past or present.  Stephen Flute, Crow Creek Sioux Tribe, signed the petition and said, ”If the situation were reversed, someone would be in jail or would have been executed. It wouldn’t even matter to them if the right person were in jail, as long as one of ‘us’ paid the price.”  Sheri Big Back Bement, Northern Cheyenne/Apache, said Geronimo remains respected. ”You will never see an Indian dig up the bones of the dead. We know what respect is. Their ignorance and stupidity will come back on them and their families.”  Mohawk Sakaronhiotane Ricky Diabo signed with this message: ”When you mess with the spirits you shall be punished by the spirits.”View the petition and signatures online atwww.petitiononline.com/Geronimo/petition.html.5, 071 people have signed the petition – Are you one of them?   Note: This article was first published in the “Indian Country Today.”

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