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Patrice Hulman: new male zouk sensation

By Christine Jean-Pierre

CSMS Magazine Staff Writer

The air waves in Martinique and Guadeloupe have been fully energized the past two months. Even Trace Tv’s Tropical 10 Countdown has gotten into the play. The reason? A hot new video titled Baby mwen pe pa (Baby I can’t) beautifully executed by up-and-coming male zouk sensation, Patrice Hulman. Patrice is no unfamiliar face. He is from the hit Guadeloupian comedic musical LA RI ZABYM . But the song Baby mwen pe pa, which he wrote and produced, is the one that has finally catapulted him to the zenith of his music career. Baby mwen pe pa has gained such high buzz that it is now one of the most rated zouk songs out there. It has been part of the TraceTv’s tropical 10 and one of the most requested songs recently in the NRJ Antilles and TraceFm radio stations on the francophone islands of Martinique, Guadeloupe, French Guiana, and The Reunion Islands.

For the kind of recent success that Patrice Hulman has been getting. There isn’t much information about his personal life. The only thing   known mostly about Hulman is that he was part of the Guadeloupian comedic musical show LA RI ZABYM, which was like a Creole Caribbean version of the hit American variety show Saturday Night Live.  In the show, each scene would feature a funny parody of old and current zouk songs from zouk artists and even songs from kompa bands like T-Vice and Carimi. Also, the only other thing uncovered from Patrice Hulman is that he was featured in the song Chabine with zouk rapper and singer Fuckly, which came out in late 2007.

Critics say that success from Baby mwen pe pa is reminiscent to early success of old zouk singer turned hot new French R&B sensation Thierry Cham, when he released the smash hit Ocean in late 2000. That song alone earned Thierry Cham the 2001 Sacem award for best male artist and remained one of the highest requested zouk songs of all time in zouk/kompa radio stations all over the West Indies and Paris.

Hulman’s style is quite different from the traditional konpa/zouk genre. Behind his powerful voice, one notices a unique mixture of danceable melody and folklore. He has a creolistic style that now adds a new thrill in Antilles music. It seems like he wants to send a message. He wants to tell the world that he is Creole to the bones, and that’s what makes his music so refreshingly real. Perhaps that’s why he has been so loved by his fans. Patrice is the latest artist to watch.

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