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Novelist Claire Bijou speaks with Ardain Isma

Ardain Isma

CSMS Magazine

Last week, it was a pleasure to speak with writer Claire Bijou. She is the author of Fallen for the Arabian, a romance novel which describes the story of Amir who meets Sarah at a banquet. They soon fall deeply in love. Amir is a soldier at war deployed in the Middle East, and Sarah is a journalist covering the war. Despite the uncertainty of life and the death that ever exists in wars, the romance blossoms. “They say true love is a relative term. Do you believe in that?” I asked her.

“I don’t fully agree with that….I believe there are people who have their soulmates out there. Some love takes time to grow. But at the end of the day, the love will blossom,” Claire replies as if putting a strong defense for her beautiful story.

I met Claire few years ago. She was one of my fervent Facebook fans, never missing any post and constantly commenting them. I quickly noticed her interest in writing. So, I asked her to be our correspondent in Haiti, where she lived. She agreed wholeheartedly. We’ve been friends ever since.

Claire has a passion for reading and writing—a trait I admire a lot from her. One would think a writer from Haiti would be writing in French or Creole. Claire, however, has chosen the language of Shakespeare to pen her stories. This was one of the questions I asked her. “I’m more comfortable writing in English, although I can write in French,” she replies with a grin. Indeed, she went to school in the US when she was younger. Then, her parents lived here.

To learn more about Claire’s works, you can follow her on her Facebook page or on Twitter. You can watch the video below.

Note: Due to communication issues, the sound from Haiti as well as the video is not entirely clear. Please, excuse us.

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