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Minority groups and healthcare

minoritiesAshley Cummings

CSMS Magazine

The need for adequate healthcare is a concern that continues to grow for millions of Americans each year. The social values related to the issue of inadequate healthcare coverage for children are equality, efficiency, freedom, and democracy. First, equality is a useful component in providing healthcare. It gives equal access to and offers satisfactory coverage for every American citizen despite their income level, color, gender, or sexual orientation.

The second component is efficiency. It is particularly important for making sure that we as helping professionals are providing the best resources and advocacy for low-income parents in need of health insurance for their children.

The third component is freedom. It eliminates biased practices that hinder the process of receiving access to stable health insurance coverage for children.

Lastly, it is democracy, for it allows parents to choose freely the type of insurance policy suitable for their children, regardless of the group they belong in society. Democracy helps protect the rights of minority groups in society. It ensures that sustainable health insurance for children reaches not just for the majority but children across society at large.

Note: Ashley Cummings is a clinical social worker for Florida State College at Jacksonville.

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