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A conversation with New York based author Amanda Vink

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Last week, I had an opportunity to sit down and have a fruitful conversation with New York based author and actress Amanda Vink. She is the author of Marjorie Hart and the Tree of Life, a historical novel about a photojournalist whose life takes an unexpected turn “when she receives a posthumous letter from her father.” This letter places Marjorie before a fait accompli: she MUST find the Tree of Life—for which his father has spent his long life searching. The letter, however, contains the next clue in what is going to be a painstaking search, taking her to many places in the Middle East. The time is the 1920s, a historic period for that part of the world.

In meticulous details, Amanda takes the reader on that intriguing journey with Marjorie. A page turner, you want to know if the protagonist, commandeering the plot, is going to find that elusive Tree of Life.

Amanda Vink knows how to pen a fascinating story, and her love for doing research fairly adds to the joy of this beautiful narrative. A devoted writer, she is also an actress and an editor. Understandably, Amanda is a busy young woman. You wonder how she finds the time to meet her professional demands. “You really have to find the time to do things; and it’s not always easy. I feel there’s a season for everything,” she said, explaining how she divides her time to better manage her daily obligations.

A businesswoman, Amanda owns Kaledena Press, a publishing company based in Buffalo, New York, her hometown. I like her for her franc-parler, her devotion to literature—whether in writing or in acting. She has her own ways of describing her characters. I asked her if Marjorie Hart foreshadows the life of someone she knows. “I would say it’s a combination of many people that I know. It was kind of funny, though. She came to me…..It doesn’t happen to me all the time. She showed up, and she was like ‘Here, I am!’ Amanda said metaphorically. Indeed, it was a pleasure to have Amanda Vink in The Conversation.

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