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Midnight at Noon is back in stock on Amazon!

ardain with middnightCSMS Magazine Staff Writers

We know there has been a frenzy among readers who wanted to get the book since Ardain announced its release. Ardain made the official announcement 3 days after the book was actually released on Amazon. The previous stock was gone in a blur. We honestly do not know why there was such a rush to get the book. We believe it was Ardain’s followers in Europe and in Australia that have had their hands on Midnight before everyone else. For weeks Ardain had been reminding readers on Linked-In and on other social media of the coming of this powerful novel. We have been getting steady praises from those parts of the world.

But readers could still order while the book was listed “Temporarily out of Stock,” as many of our readers have done. All of you who ordered during that period should have gotten your copy by now or have already received a message from Amazon about the delivery date. If not, send us a message at publisher@csmsmagazine.org Now that Midnight is listed “In Stock,” the anxiety has been removed. We don’t know for how long the book will be in stock as people are rushing to get their copies. Hurry to get yours! We love you!

Note: Midnight at Noon can also be found on Barnes and Nobles and other retail bookstores.   

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